Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Alive

friend: eh wat u doing
me: studying..colorectal cancer
friend: hmm...shitty..
what would we do without puns...

My mum asked me why I stopped as much as I would love to read up on the blood supply to the large intestines, here I am..after all, who am I to defy the woman who carried me for 9 months...k la 38 weeks...I popped out early...

I was talking to my friend the other day, and the thing about being in med school is, you never run out of things to talk about...because most conversations ultimately end up with us trying to outdo each other with tales of the weirdest cases we've ever come la we've seen a lot...2nd year only...pfft...but what we lack in experience we more than make up for in there I was, happily telling him about this one guy we saw in first year who had a bowel obstruction......and since the gut tube is essentially one straight tube, like any other tube, if u stick say.. a tennis ball down the middle, stuff builds up...and what can't go through one end, must come out the other......guy was defaecating through his was a serious conversation, really, until I had a thought......
me: eh..if he can't shit.......then he cant if he farts through his that considered farting? or belching?
friend: good question......
My thought process amazes me sometimes.......

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my name is kim samsing

it's funny isnt you can know a person your whole life and not know anything about them beyond their first name......yet with some people..really...all it takes is 2 seconds to feel as though u've known them an entire lifetime.....

My consultant has struck a new low....he called me Kim today....after 4 months of calling me Lin.....the only consolation is that he only misses by a letter each time.....but honestly...Kim??...Please la Dr. R, i know u fought in the war, but not all Asians are Koreans with the surname Kim......

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

she's still hormonal

It's official..i only want what I cant have...and the only way to make sure i stay to make sure i dont get what i think i want...which means i shud probably never get married or have children because however much i may want to, i will get bored once the novelty wears off.........and i cant exactly sell a baby off on ebay..

and i'm trying to get rid of this blog...dont feel like i have anything worth saying anymore...scratch that..who am i kidding, i never run out of things to say...whether or not they're worth reading is an entirely different story....but i can't seem to bring myself to click the delete button...thoughts anyone?

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Monday, November 27, 2006

The one where she's all hormonal

Screw pain, screw hydrocephalus, screw cranial nerves..all 12 of them..and stroke can go to hell.....I fucking hate medical school and everything to do with it...except maybe Professor Noble and the cute boy who sits in front of me....and the freebies that I get from drug companies....
If I had my way, I'd get a hysterectomy today....dont care if I turn into a man....

NB: Mummy if u're reading this, I dont really hate med's the hormones and quarter life crisis talking...I love this place so much I want to marry the hospital and have lots of baby hospitals.....but if u're not reading this very second....I wish someone would set fire to the fucking school of medicine..

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh Sugar

My mummy told me Prasad is sweet and polite.........I told her I'm so sweet and polite to my friends' parents that they become diabetics right after they speak to me...
and Boy, dont go around flattering yourself based on that ya:P

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lost and Found

I lost my scarf........ :( pretty beige scarf with the pretty fringe that goes with everything.......

and to think ..all those times when my friends told me they misplaced their scarves, I would smile my most patronizing smile, say ''awwwww'' in my most patronizing tone, while chuckling smugly inside...:'' never happen to me also..these people damn suay...that or very the heck do u lose something that's wrapped around your neck"...

Karma be bitin' me in the arse.......phooey...phoo-effing-ey.... :(

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Medical school is THE coolest place in the whole wide world because it's the only place where u can put cocaine in your coursemate's eye, and not get eaten alive by german shepherds trained to eat people who smell like cocaine. Instead, we get to call our blatant disregard for the narcotics squad ----Pharmacology Practicals...very cool hor??? hor????!

Ah..but that's not all...ask me what I learnt in class today...ask me ask me!!...ok nvm I tell you anyway...I found out today that cocaine causes a person's blood vessels to for long term cocaine users, the whole snorting routine means the blood vessels in their nasal septum, that's the bit of ..thing..between your nostrils, constrict as chronic constriction equals a lack of blood supply to your septum..ergo no oxygen, which then causes your tissue to die....or necrose if you want to sound clever when you relate this to someone else:P, so very slowly, your nasal septum actually erodes..and in the end, all you're left with is one extra large awesome is that???!!...very cool right??!

I just cudnt stop smiling after my lecturer told me that, ......I kept imagining a crack addict who has a stuffed know how we have these Vicks stick things that u can shove up one nostril to unblock your nose while you attempt to breathe normally through the other then these people how?........either the Vicks stick will fall in because of the extra large nostril and the crack addict kicks it coz the stick gets stuck in their right bronchus, OR, the Vicks stick fits...but then there's no extra nostril so the addict dies anyway coz he's cut off his air tragic...yet so funny....or am I just slightly demented..:P...bygones

I need ladybird poison so I can kill off all the ladybirds hiding out in my room....summore don't pay rent...think wat..I'm ladybird charity home is it.....and has anyone noticed how every ladybird has a teeny feather coming out of its behind? it because they shit feathers? is it because of the 'bird' part in their name?......I wanted to give one a tug just to see..but then I didnt want to risk being the first girl bitten to death by a if you see a ladybird, try and then tell me k..much thanks..heee:D

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